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Terminal block for space saving requirements New!

15 Mar 2021

Weidmuller introduces a new terminal block offering to provide an alternate solution managing control voltage distribution for Machinery/Controls equipment within the Process and Power Generation Industries. The AAP 11&12 double output control voltage terminal series is designed to reduce cabinet space and is suited for applications where there is limited panel space. With an 8mm width, the new AAP 11&12 double distribution terminal series offers a high wiring density and a wide conductor acceptance range for 8-6AWG (Pwr. Input) to 22-10AWG (Cntrl. voltage distribution feeds) and electrical ratings via UL for 300-600V/55A. Weidmuller’s AAP 11&12 integrates a single power connection for an incoming conductor with six independent output connections within one terminal. This new design includes corresponding jumpering channels that accommodate the connection of pluggable jumpers to distribute voltage amongst adjacent terminals. Depending on control voltage distribution requirements, the AAP 11&12 terminal series offers color-coded push buttons for quick visual identification of intented potentials and clear marking identification. The new AAP 11&12 series features Weidmuller’s standard vibration-proof and maintenance-free Push IN clamp termination technology and is electrically rated for 300*/600V/38*-55A/22*-6AWG to cURus standards. *AAP 11 terminal series

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Volume: 2021 March/April