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Standard Solar Completes Solar Project for Isle of Wight County Schools; Advances Clean Energy Leadership in Virginia

08 Dec 2021

Isle of Wight County Schools will now offset nearly 50% of the total electricity needs of seven of its schools with a combined 3.3 megawatt (MW) solar system. Standard Solar, Inc, a leading solar energy company, owns and operates the systems and provided engineering, design expertise and construction oversight.

The combined rooftop arrays are projected to produce an estimated 4,252-megawatt-hours of clean energy each year, offsetting carbon emissions of 7.6 million miles driven by an average car, or 1,000 tons of waste being recycled instead of tossed into a landfill.

“This project does more than help the environment; it saves the school system money so they can focus on providing a more outstanding educational experience for their students,” said John Finnerty, Director of Business Development, Standard Solar. “We’re proud to have put our solar project development and funding expertise and our deep knowledge of helping education institutions utilize renewables without utilizing capital budgets to work for Isle of Wight County Schools.”

The arrays, on the rooftops of Carrollton Elementary School, Carrsville Elementary School, GD Tyler Middle School, Smithfield Main, Windsor Elementary School and Windsor High School, make Isle of Wight County Schools among the first in the area to transition to clean, reliable energy and positioning it for continued economic and community growth.

“Incorporating solar energy is cost-effective and helps the environment while reducing energy expenses and funneling savings to resources that directly impact student success,” said division Superintendent, Isle of Wight County Schools, Dr. Jim Thornton.

“This project is a shining example of the potential of the Virginia Clean Economy Act at work, making solar accessible and affordable for schools throughout Dominion Energy’s territory,” continued Finnerty.

Isle of Wight County Schools will save on their energy costs over the next 20 years through the solar project while providing visible innovation, sustainability and energy management messages to students, parents, staff and visitors.

According to a report by Generation180, 89 Virginia schools had installed solar as of the close of 2019. That number tripled between 2017 and 2019 and moves Isle of Wight County Schools to the front of the class.

“Standard Solar’s project experience includes school systems like Isle of Wight County Schools, businesses, institutions, farms, governments, communities, brownfield redevelopment and utilities,” added Mike Streams, Chief Development Officer, Standard Solar. “Our ability to navigate partnerships and ensure success for the customer makes us the go-to funding choice for project developers, community solar programs and organizations looking to implement or sell clean energy projects.”

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