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Solar water heating system

29 Jan 2011

Solar water heating systemsVELUX solar water heating system, proven for years in Europe and most recently in the US, is now available in Canada. VELUX solar collectors have been designed with a low profile to be aesthetically pleasing and to integrate well with rooflines. They utilize the same leak-proof flashing systems used with VELUX skylights and have the look of a VELUX skylight. How it works: the sun heats a solution in the rooftop solar collectors; the heated solution is pumped through the heat exchanger in the hot water tank; the heat exchanger heats the water in the hot water tank, and the solution re-circulates back to the rooftop solar collectors, where the cycle continuously repeats; and, lastly, the heated water in the hot water tank is now ready for use in the home.

As seen in: 2011 Solar Buyers Guide
Volume: January/February 2011