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Solar hot water systems

18 Sep 2010

Solar hot water systemsPremium Solar LLC is a master distributor for Ezinc’s thermosiphon solar hot water systems. Available in 46-gallon (KG-170) and 80-gallon (KG-300) units, they are certified by the SRCC, FSEC, and Energy Star. The units feature high efficiency, have no moving parts, and require very little maintenance. Hot water is obtainable in all four seasons of the year by capturing the UV light, which means that four hours of partial sunlight per day is all the Ezinc Thermosiphon solar heaters need to produce hot water. The closed-loop, passive system uses glycol to heat the water and does not require a pump or control unit, making it very dependable and great for residential and commercial applications. The Ezinc closed-loop system primarily works by glycol circulation, assisted by gravity. Premium Solar also provides Ezinç SRCC OG 100 certified Solar Thermal Collectors (4 x 8 and 4 x 6.5), and Ezinc 4 x 10 thermal collector is in the process of being certified. Ezinç will also apply for another five different SRCC OG 300 certifications for indirect solar water heating systems by combining Ezinç Collectors made in Turkey and solar tanks made in the US.
Premium Solar LLC

Volume: Sep/Oct 2010