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Simulation and monitoring of LID

06 Jul 2016

LayTec is proud to announce the market launch of LID Scope - a system for simulation and monitoring of LID. LID Scope is a table-top system which helps quantify the expected performance loss of any solar cell directly at the line or in the lab. The tool performs accelerated or real-life degradation tests automatically. It delivers reproducible results and a permanent monitoring of Voc changes by integrated metrology. These features make the tool an inevitable part of quality control and production optimization in PV industry. LID Scope degrades cells in a well-controlled procedure with electrical current and high temperatures by applying novel physical models developed by Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics (CSP) in Germany (patent pending). For the first time, cells can be degraded in a repeatable way, which means that LID Scope offers identical LID performance control from line to line and from lab to lab. 

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Volume: 2016 July/August