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Sealed, deep-cycle batteries

20 Sep 2012

Fullriver Battery Manufacturing specializes in the production of sealed, maintenance-free, deep-cycle batteries. Fullriver offers a complete line of sealed batteries for the solar market. There are several advantages to sealed batteries over conventional wet batteries, as they are: non-spillable; non-hazardous; maintenance-free; have a significantly lower self-discharge rate; and provide a longer shelf life, which makes them less prone to freezing. With Fullriver batteries, it’s not necessary to add water, clean corrosive acid residue, or replace corroded cables, and early battery failure caused by unmaintained batteries isn’t an issue. This equates to savings in time and money. Fullriver manufactures its batteries from grid casting through final assembly, with the entire process controlled in factory to ensure batteries adhere to specifications, providing consistency in product quality and performance.  

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Volume: September/October 2012