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Reliable solar spectral data

22 Sep 2015
The MS-711 is a unique all-weather spectroradiometer with an extensive spectral range from 300nm to 1100nm (UV / Visible / NIR). Delivered with a calibration uncertainty budget, it is accu-rately calibrated and traceable to the international standards. The temperature sensor unit inside the MS-711 is controlled at a stable temperature to ensure an optimal accuracy and perform-ance on a wide operating temperature range. The rugged optical design of the diffusor and input optics make the MS concept superior to any fiber optic spectroradiometer, which will be suscep-tible to mechanical vibration. The MS-711 spectroradiometer is designed for permanent installa-tion, but is perfectly suited to be used as a traveling reference. The spectroradiometer has a separate power supply and can be controlled through RS232/422 by a PC or data logger. The standard PC software provides different functions for operation, data management and visuali-zation. The open command protocol allows to create a customized software.
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Volume: September/October 2015