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Rail-free tile replace system

14 Nov 2016

Pegasus Solar designs, manufactures, and sells the LightSpeed Mount, a rail-free residential solar mounting systems for composite and tile roofs. Their latest innovation is the LightSpeed Tile Replace system which significantly reduces installation times by eliminating the need to cut roof tiles, and the replaced roof tiles can be used as spares to replace cracked tiles. The top flashing is shaped to seamlessly replace standard Flat, S, or W tiles, and maintains the waterproof integrity of the roof. The system can also be used for mounting an L foot for rails or for attaching conduit or junction boxes to the roof. Tile Replace Flashings come in Flat, S, and W shapes, and are supplied with a Post and EPDM Boot in packages of 6. The LightSpeed Mounting assemblies also come in kits including Single Mounts (qty 6) or Double Mounts (qty 4). Each system is designed to be waterproof and aesthetically appealing.

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Volume: 2016 November/December