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Push-button kit for solar cells

20 Jul 2011

Virtual Industries Inc.’s PUSH-BUTTON Kit (VWWB-2A-MW8) includes a wafer wand for 1/16" ID vacuum hose, six feet of coiled 1/16" ID vacuum hose, a VBM-2 holder for the wafer wand, and a VMWT-C wafer tip. The lightweight push-button wafer wand is designed for connection to continuous vacuum systems. This tool can be used with an in-house vacuum system for handling wafers, solar cells, disk media, flat panels, or any item that has a flat, hard surface. Additionally, the kit can be used with all Virtual Industries’ press-fit tips, adapters, and vacuum tips. The handling tool is constructed from static dissipative Delrin.

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Volume: July/August 2011