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Premium features and options added to string combiners

12 Sep 2016

Yaskawa - Solectria Solar announced premium features and options have been added to its DISCOM and ARCCOM string combiner lines. The combiners have gone through Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing (HALT) guaranteeing all components are carefully vetted for reliability. They offer utility-scale and large commercial PV designers the design flexibility needed in combiners. These string combiners have already been used in multiple utility-scale projects in the United States from 30-100MW. The premium features added to the DISCOM and ARCCOM satisfy the growing needs of PV system designers and reduce overall system cost and increase ROI [return on investment]. These premium features include: high gloss white polyester powder coat painted steel, this finish is proven to keep the electronics cooler in higher temperatures and reduces extreme thermal cycling, adding to the product life; Heavy Gauge Bus Bars with High Quality Plating: reduces operating temperature, maximizing product life and eliminating failures. The plating is bright tin which prevents corrosion between components maximizing product life; Multi-Contact MC4 or Amphenol H4 Connectorized Wire Whips: Whips are the most robust option reducing installation time and costs; Compression and Mechanical Connectors: designed to fit various wire sizes and copper/aluminum output connectors; 316 Stainless Steel: Bellville spring washers and nuts on output studs in Bellville stainless steel which eliminates corrosion possibility.

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