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National Solar Company Director Builds Hi Tech Cutting Edge Sales Force Selling MegaWatts

23 Nov 2021

When Green Home Systems Managing Director Robbie Hebert (A-Bear) started selling residential solar he was quick to see the solar market was saturated with telemarketers, junk mail and overpromising salespeople working for companies who were quick to disappear after the contract was signed.

Hebert understood the solar market was growing and so put his sales and marketing savvy to work. He focused on training a small number of salespeople with his own unique sales strategy and soon the sales started rolling in. 

Hebert wanted Green Home Systems to be one of the most powerful solar sales forces in the country. He did it. Within 36 months, his sales team racked up a sales growth rate of more than 250%. To date, the company has sold and installed more than 10,000 PV systems in 25 states worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

For Hebert, his success in carving out a sizable solar market share in the crowded US Solar industry came down to one thing - People..

“People tell me they hate sales. I tell them they have been selling their whole lives,” said Hebert. “Whether it was hustling your mom for candy,  buying a suit or convincing a potential girlfriend to go out with you, selling and negotiating is a fundamental  part of everyone’s life.”

Hebert looks for people with several different qualities - Quick thinking, detailed analytical skills and a solid belief that solar is a no-brainer investment for homeowners that delivers a guaranteed return on investment. 

Guaranteed returns on an investment is rare. That is why Hebert is successful. He’s a true believer.

“Whether the solar incentives are from the Federal, local or state governments or the utilities, the combination of long-term reliable electricity, a reduction in IRS tax liability and the environmental benefits - the result is a clear financial win for the American homeowner,” Hebert stated. “If someone spends more than $100 a month on power, It will always make sense to go solar.”

For more insight into how a solar company racks up consistent sales year in and year out, please schedule an interview with Green Home Systems Managing Director Robbie Hebert by contacting Steve Bagish at the above email address and /or telephone number.

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