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Modernizing solar PV performance management

14 Nov 2017

infiswift’s swiftPV leverages IoT technology to change how the solar industry uses data to optimize the performance of photovoltaic (PV) systems. The suite of products and services allows PV power plant owners and operators to connect diverse PV assets and distill insights from the data, ultimately increasing solar plant performance. The swiftPV suite of products and services includes ‘blocks’ which can be used to build a customized solution. The current swiftPV blocks include: Data ingest: This core block is built on the infiswift IoT platform, which connects and manages all field devices and cloud feeds regardless of vendor. This highly scalable platform ensures data is properly routed from origination to destination in near real-time. Apps: SwiftPV apps use custom mobile and web visual interfaces for each stakeholder on the team. Cloud Historian: This is a private database with open data access and flexible setup to cover all data needs. Reports: SwiftPV produces reports with tailored recommendations and data that can be updated and customized for delivery when needed. PV Performance Services (PVPS): Professional engineering support is available to monitor, analyze, and interpret complex data.


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Volume: 2017 November/December