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Measurement and control datalogger

14 Nov 2017

Campbell Scientific’s powerful new data-acquisition product: the CR1000X measurement and control datalogger provides measurement and control for a wide variety of applications. Its reliability and ruggedness make it an excellent choice for remote environmental applications, including weather stations, Mesonet systems, wind profiling, air-quality monitoring, hydrological systems, water-quality monitoring, and hydrometeorological stations. The CR1000X has a fast processor, with more channels to improve accuracy and resolution. It has more ways to move data, via added port options plus more built-in communication and storage features. This new datalogger operates in extreme environments, with a standard operating range of -40° to +70°C and an available extended operating range of -55° to +85°C. It captures quickly changing data values with faster analog measurement capabilities. It differentiates even slight changes in data values by way of its higher-resolution measurements. The CR1000X provides an embedded, browser-based user interface for quick and easy data and system interrogation from any IP device. This includes connections directly with USB or Ethernet, and wireless devices such as WiFi, cell, or satellite devices. Memory includes internal 4MB SRAM for data storage and a microSD drive for extended data storage up to 8GB. For communication, the CR1000X supports full PakBus, Modbus, DNP3, and other protocols, making it an important part of a network. The CR1000X is programmed with Campbell Scientific’s LoggerNet software, which includes a point-and-click program generator, and a network planner for graphical layout of devices.


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Volume: 2017 November/December