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Interactive datalogger for commercial PV applications

10 Jul 2017

AlsoEnergy introduces a new standard gateway for their Commercial PV Monitoring Solution: the PowerLogger 1000. This interactive datalogger introduces a range of practical and time-saving benefits relative to other gateway devices in the PV marketplace. The PowerLogger 1000 adds a rugged interactive touch screen LCD display. This allows workers to commission, bus test, and troubleshoot without the need to interface with a laptop computer or mobile device. This feature, along with an automated configuration process, enables field workers to cut commissioning and maintenance time by more than half. The PowerLogger 1000 more than doubles the processing speed of the previous standard gateway from AlsoEnergy, enabling new applications. The PowerLogger 1000 has a wide operational temperature range, and its low power consumption enables a longer UPS backup window. The PowerLogger 1000 records data in real time from various field devices including weather stations, inverters, trackers, and meters. Data is retained in the PowerLogger in the event of a network interruption and forwarded to AlsoEnergy data servers when the connection is re-established. AlsoEnergy integrated hardware solutions are extensively tested, rated to UL standards, and come with a standard 5-year warranty. The PowerLogger is typically mounted in an ETL-listed NEMA4 enclosure and combined with components such as power supply, cellular modem, network switch, and a revenue grade meter. Hardware is integrated with AlsoEnergy’s PowerTrack software platform and combined with professional services to make a complete commercial PV monitoring solution.

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Volume: 2017 July/August