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High-performance secondary standard pyranometer

12 Sep 2016

SR30 is the latest high-performance digital Secondary Standard pyranometer from Hukseflux, for communication over RS-485 RTU (Modbus). The pyranometer features an ‘internal’ low power digitally controlled ventilation system, drawing < 2.1W max power with heating. Unlike conventional high power ventilation units which require ongoing filter maintenance, SR30 requires no filter maintenance for the life of the sensor. The sensor boasts a low thermal offset-A bias (< 1 W/m²), best data availability, superior measurement accuracy, and low cost of ownership. The SR30 requires no routine desiccant maintenance and is backed by a 5-year factory warranty. Local U.S. ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited calibration support is available through ISO-CAL North America, LLC.

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Volume: 2016 September/October