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GreenSpark Solar Selected to Compete at 2022 Solar Games

13 Jan 2022

GreenSpark Solar, Rochester and Western NY’s #1 solar installer, has been selected to compete in the Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America 2022 Solar Games on January 13 and 14. Representing GreenSpark Solar in the Solar Games will be veteran solar installers Brad McKean, Matt Peown, Zak Richards, and Tony Gabel. 

The tenured crew includes North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified professionals with OSHA training, SEI certifications, and years of residential and commercial solar installation under their belts. Together they have installed solar energy projects powering thousands of homes in the Greater Rochester Area and Western NY. 

GreenSpark’s McKean, Peown, Richards, and Gabel will compete for a $10,000 first place prize in a thrilling two-day bracket-style tournament in Long Beach, California. The install teams, from across the U.S., will go head-to-head building grid-tied and off-grid residential solar + storage systems. Installer teams will be objectively and rigorously judged on safety, technical accuracy and speed in the installation of grid-tied and off-grid project scenarios. There will be six matchups in the tournament. Each matchup is expected to last 75-90 minutes. The first round will be a grid-tied installation where GreenSpark will compete against an installation team from San Diego, and will take place on Thursday, January 13. 

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