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Felt & rigid insulation

20 Jul 2012

Felt & rigid insulationMorganAM&T has developed the BRITEPOINT Felt and Rigid Insulation products to deliver a low total cost of ownership and provide value-added features. The BRITEPOINT Felt Insulation is designed for optimal performance in Czochralski (CZ) and similar design mono-crystalline silicon furnace hot zones. The BRITEPOINT Rigid Insulation is developed for optimal performance in Directional Solidification System (DSS) and similar furnace design hot zones. MorganAM&T’s applications-focused approach results in performance characteristics of low thermal conductivity, particle release and metallic impurity levels, as well as high silicon environment tolerance, oxidation-resistance and liquid silicon absorption. Both products can be supplied in bulk rolls, cut sections, or pre-rolled cylinders. Other types of felt and rigid insulation for CZ and DSS hot zone assemblies are also offered by MorganAM&T, along with Carbon Fiber Composite (CFC) components constructed from high-quality 12k twill carbon fiber fabric.


Volume: July/August 2012