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Excessive dust, noise, and vibration monitoring

14 Nov 2016

Casella has introduced its new Noise Guardian and Boundary Guardian web-based remote monitoring systems that elevate continuous monitoring of emissions. By deploying this cost-effective system, users receive real-time email or text when noise, dust, or vibration levels rise above acceptable levels so they can take appropriate action. Sound level measurement capability built into the units satisfies and exceeds local requirements for accuracy and calculation of important environmental metrics for day/night levels as well as hourly data. It also provides detailed time-history data illustrating noise fluctuations by time so it can be linked to onsite work activities. The included Casella Dataview 24/7 software provides reports which can be easily accessed in a simple on-screen view from any PC, tablet, or smartphone with a secure login. Formatted management reports are generated with user-defined time periods with as much or as little detail as needed. Data can be superimposed onto a high-resolution map of the site, providing local residents and other interested parties with clearly understandable evidence of the contractor's commitment to environmental compliance. Ruggedly protected in a compact, nondescript weatherproof housing, the system's components can withstand extremes of both tropical and winter weather conditions. The Noise Guardian and Boundary Guardian are simple to commission by non-technical personnel, while routine maintenance is minimal. The remote cellular communications are reliable, providing remote access to reports and real-time alerts, 24/7/365.

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