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Commercial solar PV string inverter

06 Jul 2016

Ideal Power Inc. introduced its new SunDial solar photovoltaic (PV) string inverter which includes an optional bi-directional 3rd port for direct integration of solar with energy storage during initial installation or any time in the future. The SunDial is a compact, efficient, and fully isolated PV string inverter with an integrated PV combiner, disconnects, and a built-in Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT). It also features an optional, low cost “plug and play” bi-directional DC port kit. This new “solar first, storage ready” design has a field-upgradable, bi-directional energy storage port, making the system market ready today for the solar + storage market. The initial SunDial product is a 30kW system (Model 30PV+S) based on Ideal Power’s patented Power Packet Switching Architecture with 1000V max PV DC input and 480V, 3-phase output. An important feature of the SunDial system is a newly designed AC link providing true galvanic isolation from the AC to the DC ports, enabling PV installations to be either grounded or true floating. The SunDial inverter is comparable in size and cost to today’s widely used transformerless PV string inverters, but is fully isolated and offers the additional value of an optional, upgradable, fully isolated bi-directional port for direct storage integration. The SunDial can be applied to both new PV installations and PV system retrofits where there is a desire to add energy storage to an existing array.

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Volume: 2016 July/August