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Commercial data logger

14 Nov 2017

The new Data Logger from SolarEdge features an integrated Control and Communications Gateway (CCG), power supply, and NEMA 3R rated enclosure. The CCG integrates inverter data, RGM data, and weather station readings (RGM and weather station readings require the connection of an RGM / environmental sensors, respectively). The Data Logger supports connection between up to 32 devices (eg: 1 Data Logger + 31 inverters) with an RS485 bus, and a cellular GSM or Ethernet uplink. The Data Logger can also communicate weather station readings via the SolarEdge monitoring platform. The Data Logger supports all North America SolarEdge three phase inverters and provides an interface for inverter and module level data at 5 minute resolution, integrated Control and Communication Gateway (CCG), plug and play connectivity with SolarEdge devices, and fast installation in less than 30 minutes.


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Volume: 2017 November/December