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Certified Solar Water Heating Systems

19 Nov 2010

Solar certificationSolar Skies Mfg., LLC has received OG-300 System Certification and License from the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) for 35 solar water heating systems. The OG-300 certification is based on the successful design review and analytical evaluation of components meeting the standards specified by SRCC. Federal and state incentives require an OG-300 certified system when installing a solar hot water package. By installing a Solar Skies OG-300 certified system, customers are assured the system they are investing in is in compliance with the requirements set forth by SRCC and will provide maximum performance. The Solar Skies solar water heating system offers flat plate solar collectors, stainless steel or glass lined storage tanks, drain back tanks, a complete line of mounting hardware, as well as installation kits and components for residential and commercial applications. Solar Skies Mfg., LLC manufactures solar thermal collectors and distributes solar tanks and components for both residential and commercial use. The SRCC rated collectors and solar tanks are offered in a multiple of series and a wide range of sizes.

Solar Skies Mfg., LLC

Volume: Nov/Dec 2010