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Anonymous Solar Tariff Petitioners Fail to Reveal Identities by Department of Commerce Deadline

13 Nov 2021

Statement From Gregory Wetstone, President and CEO of the American Council on Renewable Energy:

“Secretary Raimondo gave the petitioning solar manufacturers an additional two days to reveal their identities this week and they tellingly declined, justifying the Department of Commerce’s decision to reject the meritless petition to impose solar duties on imports from Southeast Asia. Like all industries, the renewable industry relies on policy certainty, and this anonymous petition would have had far-reaching consequences for the sector and our climate commitments writ large.

“The solar industry provides tremendous opportunity for renewable energy growth to meet our decarbonization goals, and spurious petitions such as this have harmful supply chain effects. As we work to rebuild our domestic solar manufacturing base, solar developers can properly plan for the deployment of additional clean energy and ensure job security for more than 231,000 Americans. We applaud Secretary Raimondo for this ruling which will allow our members to continue accelerating the renewable energy transition.”