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All-in-one solar monitoring system

06 Jul 2016

Kipp & Zonen announces RaZON+. RaZON+ is an all-in-one system that accurately measures direct normal irradiance (DNI) and diffuse horizontal irradiance (DHI), enabling it to calculate reliable values of global horizontal solar irradiance (GHI), sunshine duration and total energy. This affordable system has a built-in data logger, a complete web interface, and can easily be extended with the connection of a compact weather station or other Modbus sensors. RaZON+ has a new and unique design of integrated Smart pyrheliometer and a shaded Smart pyranometer with quartz diffuser. Both meet ISO 9060 requirements and the features of the pyrheliometer minimize the effects of soiling in unattended remote locations, without compromising the accuracy of the measurement. User friendliness was a key target in the development, not just for installation, but also for the collection of accurate solar irradiance data. 

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Volume: 2016 July/August