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Alarm annunciator with leap-ahead functionality

14 Nov 2017

EES introduces the WAP, the omniflexible window annunciator. The device offers 24 inputs in different voltage levels ranging from 24V – 230V AC/DC, displayed via colored “windows” which are set at 28 x 28mm by default but can be enlarged individually by multiples in width and length. The clou of the WAP is, no mechanical works are necessary to execute the changes. All settings can be done on an online or offline web interface via mouse by drag and drop. Additionally, the WAP provides the possibility to display different indication statuses in different colors. Good states appear in green, fault conditions in flashing red, and acknowledged states in steady light in a different color. A color scheme of 6 colors is available per input. To ensure high reliability, each window comprises 2 LED for higher brightness and redundancy. In case of a failover of one LED, the windows shines with 50% of the brightness and provides the leeway to look after spare devices. The designation legend and the frame assignment of the windows are generated dynamically by a click within the parameterization interface and can be printed out on a standard foil.


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Volume: 2017 November/December