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Advanced observation tool with cloud monitoring

15 Jul 2018

Designed to withstand all weather conditions, the ASI-16 All Sky Imager features a digital camera and fish-eye optics with a 180° field of view assembled under a robust coated quartz dome, avoiding sensor degradation due to direct exposure to the sun and allowing the automated acquisition of high dynamic range (HDR) images of the hemispherical sky. The standard ASI-16 Sky Imager is capable of operating under harsh environments from temperatures as low as -40°F up to 122°F, with an integrated ventilation and heating system, which also prevents condensation on the dome surface and promote the fast removal of raindrops and snow. Furthermore, the imager is powered over ethernet (POE), with a durable and waterproof cable. The users have full control of the imager to perform settings, data acquisition, visualization, and storage, with a web browser-based manager with live video stream and network storage. The Sky imager is complemented with the Find Clouds software, in which the images acquired with can be processed to classify cloudiness. Using different algorithms to calculate cloudiness, the cloud analysis software, allows the calculation of the sun position in the image as well as to run algorithms such as the blue/red and blue/green channels ratio (BRBG), and the cloud detection and opacity classification (CDOC), to quantify cloudiness on the image set.