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AC Power Awarded 1 of 9 Landfill Sites in NJ Community Solar Year 2 Pilot Program

16 Nov 2021

AC Power LLC, a mission-driven, woman-owned solar development company, was awarded a 2.8-MWdc project on the Global Sanitary Landfill site in Old Bridge Township, New Jersey. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) awarded the project as part of their highly competitive bid process for the second year of the Community Solar Pilot Program. The site is a former municipal and non-hazardous industrial waste site with an USEPA Superfund designation. To leverage the solar redevelopment of the landfill, AC Power has partnered to build out a local workforce development program and land revitalization plan for the site, ensuring positive, long-term impacts on the surrounding community. 

The NJBPU received 412 applications representing 804 MW; it selected 105 projects, which together will generate 165 MW of clean, solar energy. The Old Bridge site was one of just nine landfill projects awarded. New Jersey's community solar allocation marked the path forward for this 'trash to treasure" project, which will offer subscriptions to approximately 400 homes.

Annika Colston, President and Founder of AC Power, said, "We are thrilled to have been awarded this project in Old Bridge Township, and to be building upon our work in the New Jersey Community Solar Pilot Program from year one, bringing the State one step closer to meeting its clean energy goals." 

Community Engagement Highlights:

  • Offer at least 51% of the energy generated by the project to low and moderate income residents; 
  • Provide funding to sponsor North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) solar installation certification courses and cover exam fees for local students; 
  • Collaborate with environmental engineering experts to rehabilitate and restore the site which will support declining pollinator populations, improve landscape connectivity and increase biodiversity.

Community solar projects provide subscribers an opportunity to reduce their electricity costs with renewable, clean energy. This project is expected to be operational by spring 2023.

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