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AC breaker panels

16 Mar 2015
SolarBOS’ new AC Breaker Panels have been specifically designed for PV systems, making it easy for system integrators to combine the AC outputs of multiple string inverters. The NEMA-4 enclosure allows for vertical and horizontal installation, and the breaker spacing reduces breaker temperatures to minimize nuisance tripping on rooftop installations. Sized for 2 to 16 input circuits, with a main bus sized for 250 or 400 amps, the AC Breaker Panels provide 480 VAC three-phase output, and are rated for 14 kAIC (higher kAIC ratings are available upon request). They have an optional main breaker up to 400 amps and come with optional revenue-grade monitoring. Available in NEMA‐4 powder coated steel or NEMA-4X fiberglass enclosure, the AC Breaker Panels are ETL listed to UL 508A.
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Volume: March/April 2015