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Central PV inverter

15 May 2020

The 3Power C Series Inverter continues Ingeteam's legacy of low CAPEX and low OPEX, offering power density at 464kW/m ³ and a power rating up to 3400KV. Its control unit features an efficient, sophisticated method of inverter control via a digital signal processor. Drawing from the technology found in Ingeteam's power converters for the wind industry (+46GW), the liquid cooling system (LCS) provides increased thermal stability and optimized component usage as it contains fewer moving components which consume less power and require less maintenance. The LCS's fast connectors and anti-dripping system mean there is no risk of particle entrance, making it well-suited for harsh environments. Designed to comply with demanding grid connection requirements, the C-Series inverter contributes to the quality and stability of the electric system, as it features advanced functionalities in terms of grid support.

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Volume: 2020 May/June