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High-performance cable edge clips

20 Sep 2014
Managing cable for solar PV systems is now less difficult and less time-consuming because of the new Ty-Rap High-performance Cable Edge Clips from Thomas & Betts. The patented Ty-Rap can be quickly installed without tools to manage up to four, 10 AWG solar PV control cables. It can also be removed without tools or cutting, and is easily re-positioned for ice removal, re-adjustment, or any other maintenance. Ty-Rap High-Performance Cable Edge Clips support control cables through panel rotation, environmental changes, and vibration, and can be reused. They fit frames thicknesses ranging from 0.06 to 0.12 inches, and are available in two types of non-metallic polymers, reducing the need for grounding: Acetal (polyoxymethylene), or ultraviolet (UV)- and weather-resistant nylon 6-6. The Ty-Rap comes in three configurations: 90 degrees for cable perpendicular to the frame; U style for cable parallel to the frame; and W style for extra-capacity cable management in parallel applications.    
Thomas & Betts 

Volume: September/October 2014