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Design flexibility for large-scale commercial and industrial solar installations

07 Nov 2022

Tigo Energy, Inc. has launched its Pure Signal technology for Tigo RSS Transmitters. Designed to enhance powerline communication (PLC) signal quality, Pure Signal technology reduces the impact of electromagnetic interference in large-scale solar systems. Built on patented advanced rapid shutdown technology, Tigo RSS Transmitters with Pure Signal technology pair with a list of third-party solar inverters, deliver a new level of design and installation flexibility for solar installers and EPCs, and enable significant reductions in balance of system (BOS) and labor costs. The Tigo RSS Transmitter with Pure Signal technology serves Tigo customers who deploy large and complex systems for the commercial and industrial solar markets. With Tigo Pure Signal technology, cable runs from different circuits or adjacent inverters no longer risk PLC signal disruption. Tigo RSS Transmitters with Pure Signal technology are UL PVRSS certified with hundreds of inverter models from leading manufacturers. The new generation of RSS Transmitters with Pure Signal technology are compatible with the company’s TS4-A-F and TS4-A-2F rapid shutdown product family and can be easily integrated into new projects or retrofitted into existing installations.

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Volume: 2022 November/December