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Duct sealing system 

02 Jun 2022

With a new, simpler design, the HomeSeal Connect 4.0 (HSC 4.0) duct sealing system from Aeroseal is easy to use and includes several updates improving its ability to apply certified, industry-standard methods to virtually eliminate duct leakage in any HVAC system. Enhancements include a stainless-steel solenoid diaphragm and new relay board contribute to more uptime and promote device longevity. Quad digital power control ensures tighter seals and prevents overheating. A field replaceable antenna extension allows technicians to repair this connectivity issue in the field. The HSC 4.0 system injects a fog of non-toxic sealant particles into pressurized ductwork to safely seal air leaks as big as 5/8” and as small as a human hair from the inside. The water-based sealant particles only accumulate where leaks are located, gradually closing them. This ensures even leaks in inaccessible ductwork are sealed without having to open walls. HSC 4.0’s system software measures and records air flow and leakage in real-time. And once the ductwork reaches its target goal, a post seal test confirms the amount of leak reduction, issuing a certificate of completion showing before and after stats that equate to as much as a 90% reduction in duct leakage or more.

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Volume: 2022 May/June