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 But, You’d Better Get the Compliance Right
As new incentives and value streams emerge, it becomes increasingly complex to maximize returns while ensuring program compliance. ITC benefits come with charging requirements; state incentive programs have their
own charging rules, along with cycling and throughput requirements, operational rules, warranty obligations, and so on. Wholesale market bids and utility contracts have even more performance metrics.
Compliance becomes so complex, in fact, that realizing the full value of solar plus storage is only possible with AI. Solar developers and their financiers that are unfamiliar with storage programs and their policies, will need to work with the best AI and most experienced storage operators to ensure compliance.
Many factors will change over the life of the solar investment: load behavior, incentive program rules, hardware degradation, and new market opportunities.
AI enables the developer and financier to nimbly alter algorithms as those factors change, to ensure projected
or greater returns. As more solar financiers recognize the potential residual value of energy storage from future contract revenue streams, AI-backed solar plus storage will be able to access that added value today, and tomorrow.
Alan Russo is the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales at Stem, Inc.
Industrial lithium battery chargers
Delta-Q Technologies has released four new high frequency lithium battery chargers in the ICL Series – the ICL1200 and ICL1500 in 85V and 120V models. The ICL1200 and ICL1500 respectively provide 1200W and 1500W. The 85V models designed to optimally charge lithium battery systems of any lithium-ion chemistry from 14 to 24 cells in series, where the 120V models charge from 21 to 34 cells in series. Delta-Q’s new lithium chargers are suitable for use on any electric machine including scooters, light electric vehicles, aerial work platforms, and sports and utility vehicles. The Delta-Q Technologies software offerings include CAN bus communication for BMS and telematic integrations with CANopen and SAE J1939 protocols. Delta-Q’s software team has also built over 200 custom algorithms, ensuring users experience better runtime and flexibility for different lithium battery chemistries. The ICL1200 and ICL500 in 85V and 120V are part of the ICL Series which share a set of standard features. This includes a wide AC input range, where the any ICL Series charger can operate on any single-phase electrical grid around the world. With a fully customizable, field replaceable cable design, and the ability to act as both an on or off board charger, the ICL Series provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with flexibility in design and deployment. The ICL Series is IP66-rated to protect against dirt and fluids, while its mechanical design and component selection resists vibration, shock and temperature extremes.
Delta-Q Technologies |
Fully integrated energy storage system
Dynapower’s energy storage system,
the BTM-250, featuring their UL listed 1741 MPS-250 smart inverter integrated with Samsung SDI batteries, is a fully integrated system containing all required protective features, as well as AC output breaker and battery thermal management, offering end users a cost advantage over non-integrated systems. The BTM-250 also features Dynapower’s patented Dynamic Transfer technology, which seamlessly transitions from
grid tied to battery backup power in
the case of grid disturbance providing valuable grid resiliency for commercial, industrial, and critical facilities. The system is available in 1, 2, 4, and 6-hour configurations and multiple systems can be paralleled together to meet the needs of larger installations.
Dynapower Company, LLC
Stem, Inc. |
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