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 2019 wind buyers guide
RainWise, an employee-owned company, celebrates 45 years as a global provider of meteorological measurement for commercial/ utility PV solar monitoring solutions. Rainwise also delivers professional grade weather instru- ments for agriculture, commercial, fire/weather, storm/flood water, outdoor event and transporta- tion applications, with seven PVmet weather stations including their new PVmet 500 Series. In 2019, they released their MK4 Weather Station. RainWise has obtained creation patents for
the tipping rain bucket, digital weather station, and wireless weather station. RainWise is known for durability, quality, and high level of accuracy.
Since 1982, Remtech has been refining wind profiling RSD’s. Their standard warranty is 3 years with affordable extensions available. This is made possible by their software oriented design, thus minimizing the hardware. Their efficient software allows Remtech to offer a small and light RSD, the PA-XS, which can achieve a 3000m AGL average altitude range, the PA5.
WPred's Nowcasting service allows for highly accurate short-term (12 hours) wind and power forecast to help users make up-to-date decisions. Various statistical and machine learning algorithms combine numerical weather prediction models with on-site real-time measurements in order to produce a forecast that is continually adjusted, creat-
ing forecasts of the highest quality. Nowcasting is useful for quick and key decision making, for instance, when selling energy on the electricity market or during crucial O&M operations.
Yaw, Pitch & Blade Sensors
Micronor, Inc.
Micronor specializes in fiber optic and electrome- chanical position sensors, e-stops microswitches, and limit switches. Fiber optic sensors are a solution when immunity to EMI, RFI, and lightning are desired. MR200W series represents yaw position transducer solutions developed specifi- cally for the wind turbine industry. Micronor offers semi-standard/semi-custom solutions efficiently and cost effectively with their MR200 modular rotary cam-based components and design concepts refined over 50 years of experience. Transducers can be engineered to integrate any combination of feedback technology, including absolute/incremen- tal rotary encoders, rotary limit switches, potenti- ometers, and/or resolvers.
POSITAL is an international supplier of position and motion sensors with applica- tions in the renewable energy industry. The company’s rugged and reliable
IXARC rotary encoders are suitable for wind turbine control systems, providing feedback on nacelle orientation (yaw), blade pitch, and turbine shaft rotation speed. POSITAL sensors are designed for harsh conditions and are available with environmental protection up to IP69K. Communications interface options include Modbus SSI, CANopen, analog, and industrial Ethernet. With a wide variety of mechanical configurations available, POSITAL encoders are a good fit for projects of any size or budget.
Balance of Plant
With over 100 years of experience in struc- tural inspection and remediation of T&D infrastructure, Exo offers asset manage- ment, inspection, and field repair services for utilities and renewable companies. Their engineering expertise and time- tested capabilities provide comprehensive in-facility inspections during manufactur- ing of towers, NDT field inspections for corrosion and welds on in service assets, and field repairs for coatings, welds and other structural issues.
 Electronic Component, Service Repairs
Industrial Repair Service
Industrial Repair Services can repair pitch controls, uninterruptible power supplies, programmable logic controllers, human machine interfaces, touchscreens, printed circuit boards, thyristors, proportional valves, hydraulic pumps, encoders, transducers, servo motors, filter units, circuit breakers, AC drives, and AC converters.
Labor Trade Association
    Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT)
IMPACT is a labor management partner- ship designed to provide a forum for union ironworkers and their contractors to address mutual concerns and encour- age reasonable, balanced solutions. Their members are committed to increasing the competitiveness and market share of the union ironworking industry. Their primary mission is to expand job opportunities through progressive and innovative labor management cooperative programs, providing expertise in ironworker and contractor training, construction certifica- tions, safety, marketing, and construction project tracking and bidding.
Legislative & Regulatory Affairs
Advanced Power Alliance (formerly The Wind Coalition)
Creating a market to deliver cleaner, cheaper, American-made energy is the goal of The Advanced Power Alliance. They are working
to promote the United States’ vast and diverse energy resources, while expanding the energy economy by leveraging its energy expertise and workforce. The Alliance deploys a team of technical, legal, and governmental affairs experts as they engage in deliberations at
the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), and in the halls of the state capitols.
  Precast Trench & Boxes
  Concast, Inc.
Concast's precast concrete products have been used in the windfarm, utility, and general construction industries since 1969. Trench systems, pull boxes, and handholes are utilized for below-ground substa- tion control, communications and power cables, waste water recovery systems, and industrial piping distribution. Concast's Box Pads, Flat Pads, MGS, and Vaults are an underground solution for routing cables to padmount, padmersible, and submersible apparatus such as transformers, switchgear, invert- ers, and sectionalizing equipment.
Rescue and Safety Training
TEAM-1 Academy, Inc.
TEAM-1 Academy, Inc. specializes in training for Working at Heights/Fall Protection, Confined Space, HazMat/Spill Response, many forms of Rescue, and much more. They provide Professional Safety and Rescue Training, Equipment Sales + Service + Inspections, and Consulting Services for the renew- able energy sector, utilities, energy sector, Fortune 500 companies, industry, construction, health care, fire services, police, EMS, military, MOE, govern- ment, and numerous others.
Ventilation & Cooling
Continental Fan Manufacturing, Inc.
Continental Fan provides fans and blowers for nacelle ventilation, GCU (generator control unit) cooling, and tower ventilation. APK Panel Fans, AFK Flange Fans, and ELTA Impellers are useful for nacelle ventilation. TMK motorized impellers provide a compact solution for cooling power conditioning and switchgear cabinets. For wind turbine tower circulation and venti- lation, AFK Flange Fans can be used for non-ducted applications, and TCD Centrifugal blowers are suita- ble for ducted applications
Wind and Solar Measurement and Consulting Services
As the fuel for wind and solar projects, understanding weather is critical for the renewable energy industry. Vaisala provides weather measurement and consulting services with an 80-year reputation for reliability and decades of experience assisting clients throughout the entire project life cycle, from greenfield prospecting and due diligence to operational forecasting and plant optimi- zation. Its customers include utility-scale energy players who require weather expertise to develop and operate efficient, reliable, and profitable projects around the globe using a wide range of measurement, assessment, forecast- ing, and asset management products and services.
Core Materials
Gurit serves wind turbine blade manufacturers with a complete offering from tooling (i.e. the design, production, and supply of wind turbine blade moulds and related equipment), the devel- opment, production, and supply of advanced composite materials to technical support and solutions for the repair of installed wind blades.

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