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 solar spotlight: performance monitoring
Performance Monitoring
Solar performance monitoring systems are necessary to verify the components within a solar system are performing and producing the energy they should. Here, we highlight some of the performance monitoring systems available on the market today.
EKO Instruments USA Product: MS-80, Secondary Standard Pyranometer
Voltage: mV Output (12-24Vdc Supply for 4-20mA and Modbus Versions) Current: 4-20mA and Modbus Output Power: 4-20mA (0.5W max) Modbus (0.3W max) Heater (7W) Ventilator (2W) Frequency: <0.5 s Detector Response Warranty: 5-year warranty
Logging Values: Solar Irradiance Measurements
Certifications: ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration, IEC61724-1 Class A Requirements
Key Features:
• Immune to thermal offsets;
• Fast analog response;
• Low measurement uncertainty; • High stability;
• No need to replace desiccant
resulting in low cost of ownership.
Continental Control Systems, LLC
ESNA Booth: 1612
meteocontrol North America, Inc.
Product: blue’Log datalogger Voltage: 24V
Current: 208mA
Power: 5W
Warranty: 2-year warranty
Logging Values: Polling Inverter Parameters, Meter Data, Weather Sensor Data, Combiner Box Data
Certifications: CE, UL certified
Apogee Instruments Product: Silicon-cell Pyranometer SP-110 Voltage: 0 - 250mV
Warranty: 4-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
Product: WattNode Energy and Power Meters
Voltage: 120/208-240V – 347/600V Current: 5 amps – 6000 amps Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Warranty: 5-year warranty Certifications: UL, cUL, CE, ANSI C12, PBI, CE
Key Features:
• Revenue-grade production and consumption energy metering;
• Single-phase, split-phase, three- phase kW / kWh sub metering;
• Modbus, BACnet, LonWorks, and pulse output;
• Low-cost, small footprint.
NEXTracker Product: TrueCapture
Warranty: Lifetime technical performance guarantee, closed loop performance feedback Certifications: ITC/MACRS and Tax Equity Qualified, Independent Engineering Verified, Project Specific Bankability Reports Available, NERC-CIP Certified Network Communication Architecture
GroundWork Renewables Product: Albedo Measurement
Voltage: 12V
Current: 113mA max, 19mA standard Power: 1.37W max, 0.23W standard Frequency: LTE
Warranty: 5-year warranty
Logging Values: GHI, RHI, Albedo, Ambient Temp, and GPS
Certifications: Secondary Standard

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