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         crane is completed within 36 hours, whereas a comparable crawler crane of the same capacity needs a 6 to 7-day build/ tear down and transport scenario. Because of the quick rate with which tower cranes can be built, operated, and be torn down, 16 out of 17 turbine erections have been completed in just 11 weeks.
The Romney Wind Energy Centre is the first wind turbine project in North America to use a tower crane for turbine erection work. With the knowledge that wind turbines are only getting taller,
it’s a good bet that this type of crane, and innovative approach, will become commonplace within the next few years.
Amanda Stieva is Project Manager, Substations for Black & McDonald, an integrated, multi-trade service provider that delivers construction, facilities management, and technical solutions.
 Black & McDonald Ltd.
   Lifeline for fall protection
Guardian Fall Protection, a Pure Safety Group (PSG) brand, has unveiled its new HTL Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) for use in fall protection systems. The horizontal anchorage accommodates two workers
in fall arrest at 30ft, 60ft, and 100ft
lengths. The HLL is ultra-lightweight and extremely durable. Due to the double- braided polyester rope functioning as
the shock absorber, no inline shock absorber is required. Its built-in, inline tension swivel prevents tangling and keeps the HLL in an optimal position. It features nylon thimbles that protect the rope against wear and prevents loops.
The HTL’s lower dynamic sag provides exceptional fall clearances. The HTL kit includes the rope, tensioner to tighten and secure the lifeline, two O-rings for easy connection and smooth movement along the rope, two double-locking carabiners, two 6ft cross arm straps and a convenient carrying and storage bag. The capacity of the Guardian HTL HLL is 130-310lbs, per worker. This product meets OSHA 1926 Subpart M and OSHA 1910 requirements and is assembled in the U.S.A.
Pure Safety Group (PSG)
Cable management system
LUTZE Inc’s Cablefix One kits simplify the need for configuration of cable
entry systems. Cablefix One kits are the newest addition to LUTZE’s Cablefix family. This cable management system features a multi-layered seal design allowing individual layers to be removed to vary the clamping range of the seals from 3.5mm to 29.5mm. Cablefix One
is available in three pre-configured kits which include all components required to seal 4, 7, or 10 entry points, depending on the version. These kits reduce the need for cumbersome seal configuration, make ordering easy, and reduce the number of part numbers on drawings, BOMs, and
in inventory. Unused seals are closed
by default, eliminating the need for blanking plugs. Cablefix One also provides excellent strain relief (per EN 62444) to secure cables against accidental pullout. The system protects up to UL Type 4X,
12, 13, and IP65. Mounting the frame to the cabinet is made easy by using the provided cutout template or by using a standard 112x46mm punch tool.
LUTZE Inc ///
Improved technology for securing critical bolted joints
Heico-Lock announces the addition of the Combi-Washer which builds
on the effectiveness of Heico-Lock’s Wedge Locking Systems for ensuring that critical bolted joints do not loosen when subjected to high vibration, dynamic shock loads, and extreme thermal conditions. The Combi-Washer adds two primary features due to the addition of a thermoplastic inner locking ring: the two washer halves are maintained in the correct position during both initial assembly and later reassembly during maintenance/repair procedures,
and tabs on the inner locking ring provide a fixed connection to any commercially available bolt (SEMS).
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