Page 34 - North American Clean Energy March/April 2020 Issue
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solar product spotlight: racking & mounting
Solar FlexRack Product: G3P-X
Application: Ground-mount
Angle: 5° to 45°
Material: Galvanized steel
Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre- and post- assembly
Certifications/Approvals: UL2703 Warranty: 20-year warranty
Product: QB2 with Microflashing
Application: Roof-mount
Material: Stainless Steel backed EPDM
Washer and Stainless Steel L-Foot Angle: 90°
Pre- or Post-assembly: No assembly required
Certifications/Approvals: UL Certified, Tensile, Load, and Water Testing (ASTM E331 and E2124)
Warranty: 25-year warranty
SunModo Corp. Product: NanoMount
Application: Composite shingle and rolled asphalt, rafter and decking
Material: High grade aluminum, 304 stainless steel hardware
Magerack Corporation Product: MageBracket
Application: Angle-adjustable
rib mounting bracket for R-panel trapezoidal or corrugated metal roofs
Material: Aluminum
Angle: Pitched
Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-
Warranty: 25-year product warranty
Pre- or Post-assembly: Only 2 pre-assembled components
Warranty: 25-year warranty
Key Features:
• All steel construction;
• Built-in adjustability and tolerances to accommodate up to 20% slope (east- west);
• Adaptable to any pile solution;
• Integrated bonding and wire management;
• Available in portrait or landscape and UL2703 certified.
Key Features:
• The QB2 has passed all water tests without sealant;
• The QB2 is comprised of Microflashing, an L-Foot, and a Dual Drive Shoulder Screw, no nuts are needed to tighten and secure the L-Foot;
• Once the Dual Drive Shoulder Screw is secured, the Microflashing is compressed;
• The new Dual Drive Shoulder Screw design can be driven using a standard 1/2" Hex Nut Setter or a 6mm Hex Driver.
Nuance Energy Group, Inc.
Product: Osprey PowerPlatform, Osprey PowerRack
Application: Ground-mount racking with earth anchor foundations
Angle: Available from 15˚ to 45˚ Material: G90 - G235 galvanized steel
Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembled from factory, field installation with handheld tools
Warranty: 25-year warranty Certifications/Approvals: CPP Wind
Tunnel tested, UL 2703

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