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                  solar product spotlight: racking & mountin
  EJOT Fastening Systems, L.P.
 SnapNrack Solar Mounting Solutions Product: RL Universal System Application: Roof-mount Angle: 0° to 90°
Material: 6000 Series Aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum flashing
Pre- or Post-assembly: Post- assembly
Certifications/Approvals: UL Standard for Grounding/Bonding, Class A Fire Rating Type 1 & Type 2 Modules, UL Certified Modules, Stamped Structural Engineering Reports
Warranty: 25-year limited product warranty
DCE Solar
Product: Contour Long Span
Application: Ground-mount, ballasted, driven beam, or ground screw
Product: EJOT Solar Flashing Application: Ground-mount Angle: Sloped roofs Material: Aluminum
Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre-assembly Certifications/Approvals: 100% IBC
compliant, IAMPO ER0308 Warranty: 10-year warranty
Bring It On Mother Nature!
Meet PowerGrip Universal 7
One of the strongest solar anchors in the industry!
All solar mounts work well on calm sunny days when there’s no wind, rain or snow blowing around. But for commercial solar arrays, you need a solar anchor that’s designed to handle the worst that Mother Nature can dish out!
The new PowerGrip Universal 7 from OMG Roofing Products is designed to handle nature’s worst!
It provides up to 2,000 lbf of shear strength, 1,500 lbf of tensile strength as well as the ability to withstand compressive loads of up to 2200 lbf*. In addition, it’s compatible with every type of commercial roofing system, easy-to-install, and helps reduce ballast while providing a secure watertight connection directly to the roof deck or structural members.
So next time you’re looking for superior performance in a commercial solar anchor, look beyond those sunny day mounts, and consider the PowerGrip Universal 7 instead. When the next storms blow in, you’ll be glad you did!
*Third party test report is available from OMG Roofing Products.
Superior productivity. Superior performance.
OMG PowerGripTM is a trademark of OMG, Inc. Copyright © 2019 OMG, Inc. All rights reserved. 31 North American Clean Energy
For the latest PowerGrip anchor information and samples, please contact Kevin Kervick at or call 800.633.3800 x1217.
 Angle: 5° to 30°
Material: Galvanized steel structural
members, stainless steel hardware
Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre- or post- assembly of C-beams to angle braces
Certifications/Approvals: UL 2703 Warranty: 20-year warranty
Roof Tech, Inc.
Product: RT MINI
Application: Self flashing roof-mount
Angle: Flush mounted, 0° to 45°
Material: Aluminum, stainless, and butyl
Pre- or Post-assembly: Pre- and post-assembly
Certifications/Approvals: ICC ESR 3575, PE Stamped Letters
Warranty: 25-year warranty

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