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WEBCO Industries

20 Mar 2013

Tubing for downhole geothermal applications WEBCO manufactures LaserLine seam-welded nickel alloy, duplex, and stainless steel coiled tubing for a variety of downhole applications in the energy sector, including capillary strings for scale and corrosion inhibition in geothermal wells. Tube sizes range from 0.250" OD to 1.5 " OD, with wall thicknesses ranging from 0.035" to 0.125", and lengths up to 12,000 meters or more. WEBCO tailors capillary strings to exact specifications, including limitations on orbital welds. Other energy sector applications include sub-surface safety valve control lines and high-strength workover/velocity strings.

As seen in: 2013 Geothermal Buyers Guide
Volume: March/April 2013