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Wall-mount energy storage system

15 May 2021

KiloVault’s HAB series of wall-mount energy storage systems are designed for trouble-free mounting and provide a 7.5kWh battery in a single unit. Up to 14 units can be wired in parallel to provide up to 3.3mWh of storage per month. The HAB can sustain continuous charging at up to 120A, and continuous discharging up to 150A, with a peak discharge of 500A for up to 3 seconds. The HAB 7.5 can charge at temperatures between 32°F – 113°F, and discharge at an even greater range, from -4°F – 140°F. A HAB is safe to store in the home or garage, which is a cost-effective way to keep the batteries sheltered, and at operating temperature. In addition, a HAB does not require regular watering, desulphating, or equalizing, making for a safe and low-maintenance battery. The HAB series is compatible with any 48V inverter, and can store power from a variety of sources. Each HAB contains a non-toxic, thermally stable LiFePO4 battery with UL1642-certified cells. With built-in WiFi and the convenient HAB iT app on iOS and Android, monitoring the battery health and performance is easy. After 4000 cycles at 80% DoD, a HAB will retain 80% or more of its original 7.5kWh storage capacity. This means a lower cost/kWh cycle over the life of the system. KiloVault backs the HAB with a 7.5-year warranty.

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