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Trimark’s DEC Provides PV+Storage Resource Owners Expanded Opportunities in the Energy Market

11 Jan 2022

Trimark Associates, Inc., the industry leader in intelligent energy control solutions, has announced the launch of its Dispatchable Energy Controller (DEC). The DEC follows Modular Energy System Architecture (MESA) DER, an open standard designed to ensure interoperability between power generation devices, battery storage devices, and the control systems used to unify their management.

Trimark spent over four years of research, design, programming and testing to develop the advanced capabilities available in the new Dispatchable Energy Controller. The DEC is designed from the ground up to support compatibility among devices and systems, reduce risk, and streamline implementation. Trimark’s DEC provides enhanced operational modes that are repeatable and fully tested. Standard MESA-DER functions and controls include multiple modes for balance of plant, emergency ride through, active power management, reactive power, monitoring, and many other capabilities.

Trimark has expanded on MESA’s standard modes to enable advanced control functions required to operate and monetize energy storage resources that are coupled with PV. For example, Trimark’s DEC supports Coordinated Charge-Discharge with PV prediction to leverage control logic to determine the best schedule to charge the battery. Trimark’s DEC Active Power Response with PV prediction determines the baseload power that the PV and battery can support. To support compliance with large generator interconnection agreements, Trimark’s DEC scheduler can stack multiple BESS control functions in a way that prioritizes grid stability.

One value of Trimark’s DEC is that it allows owners resources to participate more fully in the open energy market. “Trimark’s Dispatchable Energy Controller affords PV+Storage resource owners opportunities to participate in the open energy market in new and exciting ways,” explains Mark Morosky, Trimark’s President and CEO. “With Trimark’s DEC, resource owners can more readily bid a battery storage or a combined PV+storage facility’s output into the market where it can function as a baseload plant, peaker plant, provide ancillary services, or perform AGC.”

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