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SGS Celebrates 80 Years of Delivering Renowned Metallurgy to the Global Mining Industry

15 Sep 2021

In 1941, a small group of research scientists and engineers decided to focus on processing nepheline syenite during the Second World War. SGS Lakefield facilities were originally the site of an abandoned Canada Cement plant. Over time, it has grown to become one of the top metallurgical laboratories in the world. Today, the SGS Lakefield laboratory is the Centre of Excellence within the SGS global network of over 440 laboratories and offices dedicated to supporting the mining industry. 

In 1950, after adopting the industry renowned ‘Lakefield Research’ moniker, the site began to focus on specific areas of innovation, research and diversification to help the mining industry, demonstrating a culture of entrepreneurship that exits to this day.

Stephen Mackie, SGS Natural Resources – North America Director, Metallurgy & Mineralogy, said: “For the last 80 years, our expert team has routinely and successfully helped projects advance from exploration, through pre-feasibility and feasibility stages. Our team provides the technical insight that enables our clients’ projects to achieve their full potential, and ultimately start producing.” 

Global impact

The impact of the SGS Lakefield facility on the mining industry is felt globally, completing over 21,000 projects and more coming online all of the time. The site’s expertise has been conveyed around the world, not only through current and past Lakefield projects, but through former Lakefield employees who have carried this knowledge with them to other mining projects across the globe.

The base line for any project comes down to information that the SGS Lakefield laboratory provides through its testing and other services. Armed with verified information and test results enables clients to prepare for and respond to the various scenarios that occur during a project. 

A comprehensive range of metallurgical, mineralogical, analytical and environmental services

As an international industry leader in metallurgical and mineralogical testing, SGS Lakefield also provides the highest quality of analytical, mineralogical and environmental services.

The laboratory boasts facilities with unrivalled knowledge, local expertise, and experience across the entire mining life cycle, enriching its valuable position as an integral part of an extensive global network. The capabilities and insights in metallurgical testing from the SGS site have earned the respect of the global mining industry. 

While the needs of the mining industry continue to evolve, SGS continues to expand the range of services at the Lakefield site, while strengthening its commitment to providing the latest technical expertise and highest quality metallurgical testing for the global mining

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