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Integrated whole-home solar power solution

15 Jan 2021

Generac Power Systems’ PWRcell end-to-end solar and storage system is capable of providing intelligently managed backup power to the entire home. The new PWRcell Automatic Transfer Switch, (PWRcell ATS), includes integrated load management, high-capacity batteries rated up to 18kWh, and an outdoor-rated enclosure that allows for a simple, flexible, and 100% outdoor installation. PWRcell ATS allows Generac’s system to power the entire electrical panel. In the event of a power outage, the PWRcell ATS disconnects from the grid, allowing the whole home to be islanded as power is routed from the battery and solar array to the home’s electrical panel. Because Generac protects the entire home, the need to move or transfer circuits to a separate sub-panel is eliminated, reducing system complexity and installation time. To further bolster the whole-home capabilities of the PWRcell system, Generac has unlocked additional power output and is introducing a combination of load management options. With improved performance, the PWRcell inverter can now deliver 9kW of backup power from a single battery pack and up to 11kW from a dual battery system. Generac Smart Management Modules work with the load management device built into the ATS to manage all of that power and protect against system overload. When paired together, the PWRcell ATS and SMMs allow up to 12 circuits to be managed and prioritized. By controlling how power is allocated, the PWRcell system not only keeps all the essentials running, but it provides the opportunity to start larger home appliances like air conditioners and water heaters during a utility power outage.

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Volume: 2021 January/February