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FreeWire Launches Updated Boost Charger and Announces New Battery and EV Charging R&D Center

18 Nov 2021

FreeWire Technologies has announced the launch of the Boost Charger 150, an update to its flagship battery-integrated ultrafast electric vehicle (EV) charger that improves charging speeds by 25%, while still requiring no utility upgrades. The news coincides with the groundbreaking of FreeWire’s new research and development (R&D) facility in Newark, California. The facility will enable acceleration of new ultrafast charging and energy storage product offerings, and support FreeWire’s growth following a year of exceptionally strong demand. Construction of the state-of-the-art 66,000-square-foot research, manufacturing, and testing facility is underway and will be fully operational by Summer 2022, putting FreeWire at the center of the San Francisco Bay Area’s transportation technology hub.

FreeWire offers the only commercially available battery-integrated fast EV charging solution in the U.S. Due to its innovative design, the Buy America compliant Boost Charger 150 utilizes existing grid infrastructure, reducing deployment timeframes to days instead of months and lowering EV charging energy costs by up to 70%. EV drivers are able to receive 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes, and two cars can charge simultaneously.

The new center will house cutting-edge testing and development facilities and serve as FreeWire’s California headquarters, providing hundreds of high-quality jobs across manufacturing, engineering, and operations.

“With this investment we are doubling down on solving barriers to mass EV charging deployment, developing features that will improve people’s lives today and enable a more resilient electric grid in the future,” stated FreeWire Founder and CEO Arcady Sosinov. “The launch of our Boost Charger 150 is another exciting milestone for the company with best-in-class power conversion technology providing higher power output and increased efficiency.”

The Boost Charger’s upgrade from 120kW to 150kW with more power output and no change to the current footprint was enabled through the company’s development of highly efficient silicon carbide power converters. The modular DC-to-DC converters provide 99% efficiency and enable the Boost Charger to dynamically manage power output by shifting power from one vehicle as its battery is near full to another vehicle that is just beginning to charge.

The Boost Charger is the first technology of its kind to be certified under both EV safety charging standards and energy storage standards. FreeWire’s proprietary lithium-ion battery pack is certified to UL1973, while the rest of the system is certified to UL2202, UL2231-1, UL2231-2, and UL991. This suite of safety certifications ensures that all FreeWire products have undergone extensive third-party testing & validation and that the company’s supply chain and manufacturing processes have met rigorous quality standards.

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