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EV Technology Group Announces Strategic Investment in MOKE International Limited

22 Nov 2021

EV Technology Group Inc. ("EVT") has announced that it has made a strategic lead investment in MOKE International Limited ("MIL"), the official producer of MOKE vehicles since 2015 when it acquired the original 1964 trademark. 

MIL has recently been restructured, bringing together a new executive team and plans for the launch of the MOKE Electric in 2022. With the release of this ground-breaking electric vehicle, MIL brings decades of style and its iconic brand into the carbon free future. 

MIL is currently led by:

Isobel Dando (CEO) - An experienced automotive executive who has previously spent 16 years at the BMW Group, where she re-launched the Rolls-Royce brand and served as Director of Retail 

Andy Mullineaux (CFO) - Who previously led business planning, management and corporate financing at McLaren

Robin Kennedy (Commercial Director) - A former derivatives broker at HSBC Investment Bank before founding a recruitment technology platform and SaaS business in 2009 that was sold to Bright Network in 2017

EVT was founded in 2021 by co-founders Olivier Roussy Newton and Wouter Witvoet, with the mission of accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles, with a strategic focus on EV technologies that have growth potential by targeting unique, niche and underserved markets. MIL is the first investment of EVT. 

With this investment, MIL will be launching the MOKE Electric in 2022, ready for the summer season. MIL and EVT will also work together on rolling out vehicles across Europe and other geographies. The MOKE Electric will seek a European M1 Small Series vehicle classification and the vehicle itself has a top speed of 100 km/h, an 11 kWh battery capacity with a 144 km range. The production of the next generation MOKE EV will target 95% sustainable/recyclable material and reduce the 'cradle-to-gate' CO2 footprint by up to 75%. 

"The MOKE is an absolute icon. When travelling through the South of France or St Barths, the MOKE's design always turns heads and is the ideal way to get around. With the arrival of the MOKE Electric, we have an iconic car that is ready for this century with zero emissions. I am extremely excited to work with Isobel and the team in making the MOKE Electric a success," said EVT CEO Wouter Witvoet. As part of the transaction, Wouter Witvoet joins the MIL Board of Directors. 

"The EV Technology Group under the stewardship of Wouter Witvoet leads an exceptionally strong team of strategic investors. In reviving the MOKE brand, we have re-established one of the best loved marques in automotive history. Attracting investment of this caliber is testament to the brand's potential as it enters a bold new era with the introduction of the electric MOKE and as we return to full production in the United Kingdom," said Isobel Dando, MOKE CEO.