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EV platforms designed to support a wide range of commercial EVs

15 May 2021

REE Automotive (REE) has 5 new and improved REEcorner architecture designs and the technology behind its EV platforms is designed to support a broad range of commercial electric vehicles. REE provides a comprehensive range of technical configurations to fulfill specific B2B customer needs, including EV platform size selection based on preferred length, width and vehicle height; front, rear or all-wheel-drive with peak motor power ranges of 35 to 200kW; front and all-wheel steer; advanced suspension capabilities; payload capacities of up to 5000kg and more. REE’s REEcorner technology packs critical vehicle components into a single compact module positioned between the chassis and the wheel, including steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control, resulting in a fully flat EV platform.REE’s fully flat EV platforms are designed with a low center of gravity are intended to carry more passengers, cargo, and batteries. REE’s small footprint and low center of gravity also allow for tall cabin designs and low step-in height, yielding more volumetric efficiency.

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