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Energy Vault, the Technology Company Using Gravity-based, Grid-Scale Energy Storage to Accelerate Global Decarbonization, to List on the NYSE Through Merger with Novus Capital Corporation II

09 Sep 2021

Novus Capital Corporation II (NYSE: NXU, NXU.U, NXU WS) (“Novus”), a U.S. publicly-traded special purpose acquisition company, and Energy Vault, Inc., the company creating gravity-based, grid-scale energy storage solutions with its proprietary technology, announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement for a business combination. Upon closing of the transaction, the combined company will be named Energy Vault Holdings, Inc. and is expected to be listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbols “GWHR” and “GWHR WS,” respectively. The combined company will be led by successful entrepreneur Robert Piconi as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Company Highlights

Clear Market Need for Energy Vault: Demand for clean energy is growing globally, with renewables expected to become 90% of total energy generation by 2050, according to a recent IRENA report. To support this transition, grid-scale energy storage capacity will need to increase tenfold in the next ten years, with over $270 billion of investment expected over that timeframe. While demand is expected to continue to grow, current storage solutions are insufficient; pumped hydro - which is approximately 90% of the current global storage capacity market - and chemical batteries, both face significant challenges with scalability, levelized economics, safety and environmental risks.

Major Energy Storage Breakthrough: Energy Vault has developed a gravity energy storage platform that is designed to be cost-efficient, reliable, safe to operate and environmentally sustainable in order to outperform alternatives and be well-positioned to meet market demand. It is inspired by pumped hydro plants that rely on the power of gravity to store and discharge energy, combined with Energy Vault’s own material science and software innovations: it has replaced water with custom-made composite blocks, made with locally sourced soil or waste material, which are lifted and lowered to store and release energy on-demand. This proprietary system is orchestrated by Energy Vault’s AI-enabled software platform that incorporates advanced computer control and machine vision. The end result is a resilient supply of power and storage capacity with a system designed to have greater operational flexibility for both short and long duration storage, high round-trip-efficiency, lower capital and operating expenses, and an overall higher asset efficiency than competitors given the lack of degradation in the storage medium over time.

Rapidly expanding, global blue-chip engagements: Over the last two years, Energy Vault has worked closely with large, global utilities and independent power producers to optimize its energy storage technology platform, ensuring additional flexibility and addressing both higher power and flexible duration needs. After successfully connecting its first commercial scale, 5 MW energy storage system to Switzerland’s national grid in 2020, Energy Vault completed comprehensive operating due diligence with some of the largest utilities and independent power producers in the world, with a specific focus on ancillary service performance, system round trip efficiency, and continuous power dispatching protocols. All of these core and proven technology elements were incorporated into its latest design of a modular, flexible, higher power and compact product architecture, the new EVx™ platform, which was announced earlier this year with Saudi Aramco. The EVx™ is forecasted to have a 35 year technical life, 80-85% round-trip efficiency and flexibility to address the need for both higher power and shorter duration storage applications while seamlessly supporting longer duration needs, in both cases at low levelized costs. As the system does not require HVAC to operate, or have limitations on operating temperature ranges, it is designed to operate efficiently in more extreme weather environments such as deserts with high ambient temperatures.

In the near term, Energy Vault has a strong pipeline of customer engagements and letters of intent for its new platform, including eight executed agreements and letters of intent totaling more than 1,200 MW hours of storage, with additional projects under negotiation for multi-GW hours of energy storage expected to begin deployment in the next 12-24 months. The combined company currently expects to start generating recognized revenue in 2022 and in the intermediate to longer term, positive impacts on its operating results from volume deployments, further technology integration and economies of scale.

Accelerating the clean energy transition while eliminating environmental liabilities: Energy Vault is addressing the issue of waste from existing energy generation assets by utilizing a circular economic approach to the supply chain that is built on recyclability and environmental sustainability. The company’s technology is capable of recycling waste materials - such as coal combustion residuals and glass fibers from decommissioned wind turbine blades as previously posted jointly with Enel Green Power - that would otherwise end up in a landfill. By utilizing advanced material science in collaboration with CEMEX’s material science lab, Energy Vault can sequester these waste materials within the composite blocks of its gravity-based energy storage systems. Energy Vault’s pipeline of customers includes many that are also trying to address the problem of sustainable disposal and/or beneficial re-use of coal combustion residuals, which is the largest industrial waste stream generated in the U.S. every year. Finally, the supply chain and construction of these systems are primarily localized, inclusive the on-site block fabrication, which de-risks the overall material supply and minimizes green house gas (GHG) emissions from the transportation sector, thereby reducing Energy Vault’s carbon footprint while maximizing the positive impact to local economies and new job creation.

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