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Coolisys Technologies Corp. and ChargeLab, Inc. Enter a Partnership to Support the Launch of Scalable Electric Vehicle (EV) Smart Charging Solutions

10 Jun 2021

Coolisys Technologies Corp., a leading-edge technology company (“Coolisys”), announced today it has executed a partnership agreement with ChargeLab, Inc. (“ChargeLab”) to design, build and publish cross-platform mobile experiences for residential and commercial end-users of TurnOnGreen EV chargers. TurnOnGreen, Inc., a recently established subsidiary of Coolisys, is dedicated to commercializing and launching its full service of electric vehicle supply equipment (“EVSE”) and services.

Under this agreement, ChargeLab will support Coolisys in the pre-production stage of the TurnOnGreen EV charging product by performing testing sessions to ensure and validate solid firmware compliance with the Open Charge Point Protocol (“OCPP”).

Mr. Kohn, President and CEO of Coolisys and TurnOnGreen, stated, “ChargeLab has proven experience in the development of custom member-facing applications and providing pre-launch manufacturing support to ensure compatibility with existing platforms at launch for top tier EVSE manufacturers. We are excited to engage in this partnership and feel confident ChargeLab’s support will allow us to launch a cross-platform mobile experience compliant with industry standards for our residential and commercial customers.” Mr. Kohn continued, “The main objectives of the agreement with ChargeLab are:

  • to develop a branded app providing a cross-platform mobile and web experience that allows residential and commercial end-users to interact with TurnOnGreen EV chargers; and
  • to test and validate the onboard firmware uses in TurnOnGreen’s commercial EVSE to assure full compliance with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) standard before ramping-up to mass production.”

Zak Lefevre, Chief Executive Officer of ChargeLab stated, “Our experience supporting leading manufacturers with their go-to-market efforts allows them to rapidly enter the market with a high-quality, full-service offering. We share in TurnOnGreen’s passion to commercialize an innovative portfolio of EVSE products in the rapidly growing EV marketplace.”

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