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Boosting access to EV home-charging networks

15 May 2021

Virtual Peaker is teaming up with FLO | AddEnergie to boost access to home-charging devices. The FLO network has deployed more than 35,000 charging stations in public, commercial, and residential settings. Now integrated for utilities by Virtual Peaker’s cloud-based residential energy demand response platform, the FLO Home X5 charging device is optimized for single-family residences and can be installed indoors or outdoors due to its aluminum casing and heavy-duty cables. The FLO Home X5 is a Level 2 charging station that’s capable of a full EV charge in 4-5 hours. It’s simple and safe to install, and customers can configure smart features and view usage data through Virtual Peaker’s secure online portal. FLO’s large and expanding network of home-charging stations provides reliability and durability, even in harsh climates, and is a choice for North American utilities with its high performance and low-maintenance costs. Through FLO’s roaming agreements, users also have access to a large network of public charging stations across the United States and Canada using the FLO app.

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