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Battery for motive and industrial applications

15 May 2021

Advanced battery systems developer and manufacturer, American Battery Solutions Inc. (ABS) introduced the Alliance E48-2.0 as the first product in the ALLIANCE Intelligent Battery Series of lithium-ion batteries for motive and industrial applications. It is the first in a series of products the company is preparing. The ALLIANCE series promises to provide high quality cells, automotive-grade electronics, and high quality US-based manufacturing in a robust IP67 waterproof package. The E48-2.0 is a 48V 2kWh module that offers an alternate energy solution for low-speed electric vehicles, utility vehicles, industrial machines, and more. Following the E48-2.0, the ALLIANCE family of products will quickly grow with the addition of an Industrial series of batteries based on the industry standard GC2 form factor. This Industrial series of Alliance Intelligent Batteries Series will include 24V, 48V, and 36V options all with 3kWh of energy. ABS’ ALLIANCE line of batteries offer a highly versatile, maintenance-free, and robust battery solution for the industrial motive market. The plug-and-play design integration allows for easy implementation across a range of vehicle sizes, enabling customers to support their entire portfolio with a single solution. 

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