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All-weather battery storage for private and commercial applications

15 May 2021

BlueSky Energy developed a new battery storage for outdoor installation, Vigos, designed to operate in temperatures from -22°F - 122°F (-30°C - 50°C) and withstands rain, snow, and frost. The device is scalable from 18 to 96kWh and is delivered ready for connection. Vigos has a service life of up to 20,000 cycles. Due to its high performance and cycle stability one can charge and discharge it several times a day. BlueSky Energy offers a 10-year warranty. Vigos is compatible with the company's GREENROCK saltwater storage systems. The high charging and discharging performance with a C-rate of up to 2.0 allows Vigos to cut peak loads and charges electric vehicles out of the batteries within a very short time. Vigos is capable of emergency power, island operation, and black start. In the event of a power failure, the system automatically switches over to its own circuit in less than 20 milliseconds. If connected accordingly, the PV system simply continues to operate. Different energy sources including PV and wind power plants easily integrate with Vigos. An integrated energy management system (EMS) records relevant data such as surpluses from the PV system, optimizes self-consumption, and controls the energy sources, dynamic e-charging stations, or consumers integrated into the system. Due to dynamic load and charge management, it is possible to integrate several e-charging stations, independently of the manufacturer.

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